Tournament #11

12/16 (with a minimum of 4)
December 3, 2017 at 14:00 (French time)
  • Winner: 25 €
  • Finalist: 15 €
  • Bounty: 10 €
Vince (Referee): Hello everybody !
Vince (Referee): the tournament will start in 20 minutes
Vince (Referee): don't forget to check in !
Vince (Referee): there are some players that haven't checked in yet
Vince (Referee): the tournament will start in 5 minutes
Vince (Referee): Let's go for the tournament !
goeonew: ayy
Vince (Referee): Enjoy the tournament and have fun !
Vince (Referee): you can access your match via the bracket
MightyOwl: hi all... Atlanta here... first tourney
Castiel: ty
Castiel: i have a free win,
Vince (Referee): Welcome MightyOwl !
MightyOwl: im sure i will need the most luck here...
MightyOwl: thanks @Vince... any words of advice. it shouldn't matter on servers right?
MightyOwl: are any of you guys streaming?
Vince (Referee): streaming is forbidden
MightyOwl: sounds good
MightyOwl: so i wait for my opponent to hit me up here?
Vince (Referee): a match lasts approximately 1 hour
Vince (Referee): the bracket page is updated automatically
Vince (Referee): so keep an eye on the bracket page and you'll see when your match will be ready
MightyOwl: awesome... thanks
MightyOwl: are you guys using app to communicate when matchups are played because I dont see any messages here
MightyOwl: @Terrafix... we are in Round 2... ready?
Terrafix: Yes
Terrafix: I am ready, but you are not xD
Vince (Referee): MightyOwl, you can access your match via the bracket
Vince (Referee): MightyOwl, you have to click on the "Ready" button
MightyOwl: ok thsx
Vince (Referee): Congrats to Rev3rsi0n !
Vince (Referee): wp to all players !
Rev3rsi0n: thx :)