Tournament #12

12/32 (with a minimum of 4)
December 10, 2017 at 14:00 (French time)
  • Winner: 25 €
  • Finalist: 15 €
  • Bounty: 10 €
Vince (Referee): Hello everybody !
Vince (Referee): the tournament will start in 20 minutes
Vince (Referee): don't forget to check in !
Vince (Referee): Let's go for the tournament !
Vince (Referee): Enjoy the tournament and have fun !
Vince (Referee): you can access your match via the bracket
Castiel: 2 times in a row i'm bounty player
Vince (Referee): it's random
Medoche: do we need 3 or 6 class ?
Medoche: i think i messed up
Vince (Referee): 3 classes minimum
Medoche: So, i can do the all tournament with only 3 classes ?
Vince (Referee): yes
Medoche: i just can't pick a class twice in a row ?
Vince (Referee): it depends if you are "Left player" or "Right player"
Vince (Referee): it is explained in rule #10
Medoche: yes, i misunderstood this one and thought we were left player for 3 games, then right player for 3 other games
Medoche: but it's ok, i got it now
Medoche: Thanks
Vince (Referee): you're welcome
Otataras: we need you referee
Vince (Referee): Congrats to Otataras !
Vince (Referee): wp to all players !
Otataras: thanks
Otataras: you have the best tournamet :p
Vince (Referee): thanks