Tournament #17

14/32 (with a minimum of 4)
February 25, 2018 at 14:00 (French time)
  • Winner: 50 €
  • Finalist: 30 €
  • Bounty: 20 €
Vince (Referee): Hello everybody !
Vince (Referee): the tournament will start in 20 minutes
Vince (Referee): don't forget to check in !
zehnkelch214: Hey
zehnkelch214: Good luck to all!
xEC4Titan: hello
xEC4Titan: gl hf
anh222: Hi
NaoZao: hi
Greygoose: Good luck to everybody !
MiBuDArK: hi, the rules weren t easy to understand ;)
Greygoose: I agree ! xD
Bartek1496: hello
Vince (Referee): @Bartek1496, don't forget to check in
Nouner: gl hf
HardLead7: hi
Vince (Referee): the tournament will start in a few minutes
Vince (Referee): Let's go for the tournament !
Vince (Referee): Have fun !
KadakHS: Hey Vince do you have a sec?
Vince (Referee): yes
KadakHS: can I whisper u somehow ? :)
Vince (Referee): yes, I've just sent you a message on the hs chat
HardLead7: Is there a problem with the bracket?
Vince (Referee): no, not with the bracket, there was a bug on a match, so I had to reset it ;)
Vince (Referee): now, it's ok ;)
HardLead7: ok nice :)
lilljo: Je viens de finir ma dernière game mais il a pas valider j’ai gagner il est parti...
lilljo: @Vince ?
Vince (Referee): I'm here
lilljo: I won but he did not validate the last game
Vince (Referee): can you go on the chat of the match please
Vince (Referee): Congrats to Stellman !
Vince (Referee): wp to all players !
Stellman: Thank you, cool system - nice to play something different than casual conquest and lhs