Tournament #3

7/32 (with a minimum of 4)
October 15, 2017 at 14:00 (French time)
  • Winner: 50 €
  • Finalist: 30 €
  • Bounty: 20 €
Vince (Referee): Hello everybody!
Vince (Referee): the tournament will start in a few minutes
Vince (Referee): don't forget to check in !
Nouner: hey
Codels: Gl all
aKf0: Gl hf
Vince (Referee): the tournament is started
Halcyon: glhf
Vince (Referee): click on the "Bracket" button to see your match
Halcyon: btw
Halcyon: i have to fight against nouner rn but i didn't get some rules
Halcyon: like the a/bb/a thign
Vince (Referee): join your match, everything will be explained
Halcyon: Ok
Nouner: click ready bottom
Vince (Referee): Halcyon, your match is here:
Halcyon: ah thanks damn i was looking for something like this lol
Codels: am i able to spectate some matches ?
Vince (Referee): if a player is ok
Vince (Referee): Don't forget to follow us on twitter @GamingHouse4
Codels: i will
Nouner: Vince there is an another tournament next week?
Vince (Referee): yes, I will create it this evening or tomorrow