Tournament #4

12/32 (with a minimum of 8)
October 22, 2017 at 14:00 (French time)
  • Winner: 25 €
  • Finalist: 15 €
  • Bounty: 10 €
Vince (Referee): Hello everybody !
Vince (Referee): don't forget to check in !
Vince (Referee): Before launching the tournament, I would like to remind all players that the use of a cheating software is strictly forbidden, especially softwares that disconnect the opponent from the server
Vince (Referee): Let's go for the tournament !
End3rGun: It's BO5?
Vince (Referee): Have fun !
Vince (Referee): no, it's a new format
Vince (Referee): everything is explained on the match page
End3rGun: I don't understand
Vince (Referee): you can access it via the bracket
swissknife77: everything is clear explain in the match page
NaoZao: i got the rules
swissknife77: go to the match page is very clear explained
NaoZao: i just have a question
NaoZao: After a match like i just won so i'm in 1-0, do we have to do again the A/BB/AA/B classes ?
Vince (Referee): no, it's only at the beginning of the match
NaoZao: So we have always 3 classes for all the match
NaoZao: And just have 1 ban every turn right ?
CaptainCrazy: yep
NaoZao: But it'll be probably always the same ban it's strange
TempoStar: Vince, (je sais que tu parles FR), en gros chaque joueur ban une classe au debut du BO, et on joue juste 6 (ou 7) games avec les 2 classes restantes ?
Vince (Referee): non, y a pas de ban au début du match
NaoZao: mais pk y'en a ils changent de classe entre 2 tours ?
NaoZao: Genre ils ont 3classes différentes et après y'en a encore des différentes
Vince (Referee): parce qu'on peut changer de classes d'un match à l'autre
End3rGun: a t'on le droit de reutiliser un deck qui a deja win?
Vince (Referee): oui
End3rGun: ok
End3rGun: c'est en cb de point?
Vince (Referee): il y a 6 games
End3rGun: ok
Vince (Referee): + 1 tie break si égalité
End3rGun: je me doute
End3rGun: le bounty est choisi aleatoirement?
Vince (Referee): oui
End3rGun: j'ai perdu 4-1, il y a pas besoin de faire le dernier match?
Vince (Referee): non
Vince (Referee): à 4-1, le match s'arrete
Hiei: pourquoi on parle en anglais au fait si tout le monde parle français ? ^^
Vince (Referee): tout le monde ne parle pas français
Hiei: Ok^^
Hiei: c'est quoi le bounty player?
NaoZao: un gars choisi au hasard jcrois
Vince (Referee): le joueur qui gagne contre le bounty player remporte 10 euros
Vince (Referee): ?
Vince (Referee): Congratulations to CaptainCrazy !
Vince (Referee): Well played to all players !