Tournament #5

6/32 (with a minimum of 4)
October 29, 2017 at 14:00 (French time)
  • Winner: 25 €
  • Finalist: 15 €
  • Bounty: 10 €
Vince (Referee): Hello everybody!
Vince (Referee): the tournament will start in 20 minutes
Vince (Referee): don't forget to check in !
Vince (Referee): some players have not checked in yet
Vince (Referee): we'll wait until 14:15
Vince (Referee): Let's go for the tournament !
Vince (Referee): Have fun !
Ajax: Ref
Vince (Referee): yes
Rev3rsi0n: hi
Rev3rsi0n: can you explain me the format of this tournemnt ?
Rev3rsi0n: nothing about it in the rules
Vince (Referee): you can access your match via the bracket
Ajax: This is my first tournament and I want to ask you if my name on the bracket is green and the player who I am suppose to fight is blank what does that mean?
Vince (Referee): it's a new format
Rev3rsi0n: i mean ... conquest, last hero, 4 deck with ban ,3 deck ecc
Rev3rsi0n: i dont even know if it s a bo3 or bo5
Vince (Referee): Ajax, you win the first match
Vince (Referee): it is close to bo5
Ajax: thanks
Vince (Referee): everything is explained on the match page
Rev3rsi0n: @vince nothing explained on rules
Ajax: Reversion
Ajax: Can i spectate
Rev3rsi0n: "standard" is not a format
Rev3rsi0n: wrong class pick from my oppo
Rev3rsi0n: i cna take the free win right ?
Rev3rsi0n: ok np he accepted
swissknife77: Ajax you cant spectate
Ajax: k just asking
NaoZao: I won the Bounty, will i receive 10e ?
Vince (Referee): yes
NaoZao: i'm not sure about my paypal account, i have to check it
NaoZao: i'll do it after
Vince (Referee): ok np
Rev3rsi0n: ok i m in the final. how should i give you my paypla acc ? :)
Rev3rsi0n: at the begin i was so confused from the format but it s a good idea to be honest. really like it but if this tornament grow i think a bo7 is really too mutch
Vince (Referee): you can fill in your paypal email in the "My profile" page
Vince (Referee): yes, we are thinking about a shorter format with 5 games max per match
Rev3rsi0n: is paypass fine ?
NaoZao: He gets me so angry plz
Vince (Referee): paypass, no
Vince (Referee): NaoZao, it's just a game and we are here to have fun
NaoZao: sorry sorry
Vince (Referee): np
NaoZao: i checked up my paypal it's right
Vince (Referee): ok
NaoZao: Well 3-3
NaoZao: Yaaay
Vince (Referee): game 7 (tie break)
Vince (Referee): and the winner is ... NaoZao
Vince (Referee): wp to all players !
NaoZao: '-'
Rev3rsi0n: :)
NaoZao: when we will receive ?
Vince (Referee): in 15 minutes
Rev3rsi0n: wow ahaha nice
NaoZao: oh cool